The Richmond Brothers Standards

These values reflect the deeply ingrained beliefs and practices of each of our team members.

Core Values

At Richmond Brothers, our values aren’t just nice-sounding ideas stamped on a plaque in our lobby. They’re the guiding principles we live and breathe on a daily basis — not only here at work, but in the community and in the confines of our homes. They inspire the way we treat one another, and the way we serve our extended family of clients.

The state of being thankful can have a positive impact on so many areas of our lives. It makes us more productive. More driven. It makes us strive harder and achieve more. It makes us better human beings.

At Richmond Brothers, we are grateful for the gifts and talents we’ve been given and for being in the position to make a difference in the lives of others. We appreciate all the wonderful people in our lives — our families, friends and clients — and the joy and inspiration they provide us. This enduring sense of gratitude gives us the strength and motivation to bring our best selves to the job, every day.

Personal glory is overrated. In fact, we believe one of life’s greatest joys is acting in the service of others. Every day of the week, the Richmond Brothers team strives to deliver service in an extraordinary way. It may be as simple as going out of our way to find an answer for a client with a pressing question. Or sometimes it’s celebrating with a client who has achieved a long-awaited financial goal.

At Richmond Brothers, we get tremendous fulfillment from putting the needs of other people — clients, vendors, peers and team members — ahead of our own. It’s the way we’ve been doing business since 1994.

Let’s face it: there are no do-overs in life. While there of course comes a time to get down to business, we at Richmond Brothers don’t believe in taking ourselves too seriously. Walk through our doors and you’ll likely hear infectious laughter ringing through the halls. Silly traditions are the norm at our office, whether it’s getting dressed up for Halloween or holding an ugly sweater contest for our team.

And our clients? They join in the fun, too. We organize regular social outings and events, and our extended family of clients is always invited to take part. There’s no better way to build great relationships than having a great time together.

Did you know that according to research studies, we only use 2% to 10% of our brain’s capacity? Imagine the amazing things that could be accomplished if all humankind used just 1% more.

Richmond Brothers embraces the concept of lifelong learning. We’re all about spreading our wings and seeing where it takes us. There’s no staying at the status quo — there’s only moving forward, improving and achieving. We believe in investing in our team members’ professional development and recognizing and rewarding their dedication to our clients, our values and our firm. Pursuing growth and continuous learning is the surest path to maintaining the success we’ve enjoyed for so many years. After all, remarkable people achieve remarkable things.

We live in a society where emphasis is placed on appearance. Sometimes, everything looks good on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find there’s not much substance. Worse, you find things aren’t what they seem.

In a world where lying and cheating have become almost universally accepted as necessary evils, honesty and integrity cast a bright and hopeful glow. These two characteristics are the foundation of all we do here at Richmond Brothers. We aim for sincerity and authenticity in all our relationships, personal and professional. Our down-to-earth nature — “our realness” — forms a bedrock of trust that can be difficult to find in business relationships today.

Although Richmond Brothers has grown and evolved into a successful financial planning services firm, we recognize there are always challenges that lie ahead. That’s why, no matter where our destiny takes us, we strive to always remain humble and grounded.

While our individual and team successes are celebrated, we are not arrogant, nor do we treat others differently from how we would want to be treated ourselves. Instead, we carry ourselves with a quiet confidence, because in the long run, our character will be what truly defines our legacy.

At Richmond Brothers, passion is the fuel that inspires us individually and collectively and drives our company forward. The phrases “no” and “it can’t be done” are not in our vocabulary. We ask not to be judged on our ideas, but on the results those ideas produce.

We believe the relentless pursuit of perfection in our business practices, processes and procedures will yield remarkable outcomes for both our firm and the clients we serve. This fierce commitment to excellence is shared by our team members and impacts every aspect of our company; from the way we communicate with our clients to the care and diligence we practice in managing their portfolios.

Life is at its best when it is shared. This is true not only of our money, but also of our time, thoughts, talents, words and ideas. Sharing these intangibles with the world around us gives us a larger purpose in life and allows us to appreciate something greater than ourselves.

We at Richmond Brothers seek to practice generosity of spirit in every aspect of our lives. This means serving as a great friend, child, husband, wife, brother, sister, parent, mentor and, yes, financial advisor. Even when our schedules get busy, we create time for others. This spirit of giving is what lends meaning to each and every day — and we believe it’s the key to lifelong fulfillment.

At Richmond Brothers, change isn’t something to be feared. We not only embrace change — we encourage and drive it.

After many years on the front lines of retirement and financial planning, we know change can and will come from all directions. We’ve structured our business and our team to be able to respond quickly to industry shifts while keeping our clients’ interests always top of mind. We pride ourselves on being an ever-evolving firm with a culture rooted in innovation. Our ability to constantly adapt and improve the way we do business is how we stay ahead of the excellence curve.

The concept of the “positive mindset” is a familiar one these days. But here at Richmond Brothers, our approach to positive thinking goes beyond smiling and optimism.

On a daily basis, our team members actively seek to eliminate cynicism, self-defeating talk and negative interactions from their workday. They take ownership of issues and collaborate with other team members whenever challenges arise. They have a positive influence on one another as well as our clients. Here, we’re more than just a team — we’re a family who looks out for one another, cares for one another and trusts one another.

What does this mean for you, our client? When you entrust your financial planning needs to Richmond Brothers, you know you have a unified and caring team of professionals beside you at every step of your journey. And that’s something to feel positive about.


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