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We offer services in these three areas:


Prepare for retirement by putting your hard-earned assets to work.


Retirement Income Strategies
Wealth Management
IRA/401(k) Rollovers


Protect the assets that can help you live the retirement you’ve always imagined.


Asset Protection Strategies
Life Insurance
Tax-Efficient Strategies
Long-Term Care Strategies


Provide for the people and causes you care about the most.


IRA Legacy Planning
Qualified Charitable Distributions

We can also refer you to professionals who provide the following services:

Charitable Giving
Estate Planning
Tax Planning

The Richmond Brothers Philosophy

From the dot com bubble in 2000 - 2002, to the good years of 2002 - 2007 and then back to the Great Recession of 2007 - 2009, one thing is abundantly clear: the economic landscape has changed. Credit markets are tight, making generating revenue at pre-recession levels difficult, if not impossible. In this new environment, we can no longer manage money the way we did thirty, twenty, or even ten years ago. So where do we go from here?

At Richmond Brothers, we believe that doing right by our clients means keeping in step with the ever-evolving fiscal environment. Given the status quo, we currently adhere to three basic principles in managing our clients’ portfolios. These may vary depending upon your risk tolerance and your particular financial goals.​

Preservation is critical to limiting downside risk. Managing money is different in retirement because of the need to draw income from the portfolio.

Income should be generated through cash flow, or a revenue stream that changes an account over a specific amount of time. Although it may be tempting to rely on appreciation to provide monthly income during retirement, we feel the appreciation philosophy is too risky considering the average returns of the stock market and other investment vehicles.

We aspire to generate all monthly income in the form of cash flow by making use of investments that offer opportunities like dividends and interest. Whether markets are up or down, this cash flow, in addition to the allocation, may help limit risk exposure. Asset allocation is of utmost importance and must be monitored as dividends and interest rates change. Over time, the allocation itself must also be monitored as risk tolerance may also change given the current environment.

We believe in providing enough growth to offset inflation over a given period of time. With interest rates low and the outlook focused on benign inflation, only a minimal amount allocated to growth is necessary. That means opportunistic growth may be utilized when it presents itself. However, given the current environment, you can reduce your risk assets should that correlate with your risk tolerance. When growth opportunities present themselves, you have the cash or conservative assets to reposition and take advantage of them.


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