Matt’s Minutes: Solutions to Market Volatility? [April 2023]


Matt Curfman, CFP®, CEO & Co-Owner of Richmond Brothers covers what happened in March and some events to look forward to with Richmond Brothers.

  • 0:22 Guest for video
  • 0:38 Headlines
  • 0:58 Another bank failure
  • 1:27 Richmond Brothers thoughts given bank failures
  • 2:18 Federal Reserve and interest rates
  • 2:53 S&P 500 is cap-weighted – what that means
  • 3:44 Possible solution available with equal-weighted sectors
  • 4:06 Market example of breaking even in current environment
  • 5:17 Coordinating Risk Numbers with retirement income plan
  • 5:29 How to get more information about possible solution
  • 6:05 Our goals for you
  • 6:20 Recession? Stay tuned for more information

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Research Reports

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Just a few stocks are behind the market’s recent resilience. A real concern or routine rotation?

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