Time-Sensitive Tax Planning: 11 Changes to Know about Secure Act 2.0 [Richmond Refreshers]


2024 brings a wave of changes and little-known tax planning opportunities, including new rules affecting spousal beneficiaries! Dan Vredeveld, CFP, Senior Financial Advisor of Richmond Brothers, discusses 11 changes including new ways to reduce required minimum distributions (RMDs) amongst other items to explore capitalizing on.

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  • 0:05 Secure Act 2.0 tax planning opportunities
  • 0:49 IRA catch up contributions indexed for inflation
  • 1:35 QCD $100,000 Limit increased for inflation
  • 2:15 Matching plan contributions can be made on student loan payments
  • 2:43 10% early withdrawal penalty exceptions
  • 3:25 Emergency expenses
  • 4:27 Defined contribution retirement plans
  • 5:19 Victims of domestic abuse
  • 6:10 Higher SIMPLE plan limits
  • 7:02 529 to Roth IRA rollovers
  • 8:03 No lifetime RMDs on Roth IRA accounts
  • 8:45 Surviving spouse may elect to be treated as deceased spouse
  • 9:27 Plan catch up contributions for those age 50 and better – delayed by IRS

Download the Secure 2.0 effective dates from Ed Slott & Company, LLC here

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